General Sale
Friday 20th March at 10.00am


Thursday 19th March 8.00am until 7.00pm
Morning of sale 8.00am until 9.55am

308 Lots

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Forthcoming sale Friday 3rd April
We will be accepting goods for this sale on Friday 20th March 1.00pm-5.00pm, Monday 23rd, Tuesday 24th March 9am-2pm and Friday 27th March 10am-12pm.
(If calling Friday 13th please call to check space availability)

NB: All electricals in the auction are sold as scrap and as seen with no guarantee unless stated.

Parking – please park in the main car park and only outside the auction when collecting.

1        Four fishing reels

2        Engineer's reference measures and a micrometer

3        A vintage brass circular glass cutter

4        Beatles albums, Beatles books and a 1960s scrapbook with cuttings relating to the Beatles

5        Elvis books and magazines

6        Forty one vintage copies of Elvis Monthly

7        Selection of stamps

8        Three paper weights

9        A vintage Royal scale

10       Two claret jugs

11       A vintage boxed Subuteo

12       A brass coal bucket and a brass trivet

13       A silver plated tureen together with a silver plated pan on a spirit burner

14       A Windsor and Newton table easel

15       A quantity of flatware

16       A ceramic table lamp and a Tiffany style table lamp

17       Vintage glass ware

18       Russian and other ceramics

19       A retro singles rack

20       A set of cast iron scales

21       Royal Albert 'Enchantment' pattern ceramics and two pieces of Aynsley

22       Laurel and Hardy DVDs, Norman Wisdom DVDs, oil paints and a lamp

23       A jewellery box

24       A selection of toy cars

25       Four fashion handbags including one shaped as an owl

26       Various electric motors and assorted

27       A box including Christmas items

28       A box including collector's plates

29       A box including Reggae CDs

30       A box of Elvis LPs

31       A box including burglar alarms and kitchen knives

32       A box including a garden owl and a pair of blue glass vases

33       A box including money boxes

34       A box of LPs

35       A box including rubber duck scourers

36       A box of shoes including Dune

37       A box of treen

38       A box including glass ware and a wall hanging

39       Woolen loom bobbins

40       A leather bound Bible 1856

41       Two Satsuma vases

42       Two teddy bear books and teddy bear models

43       A silver plated tea set

44       A box of Lego

45       Elvis LPs

46       A box of bangles

47       A Bush CD boom box

48       A vintage brass sprayer, cameras and assorted

49       Wrist watches

50       A selection of plated ware

51       A selection of toy vehicles

52       A Dunhill ice bucket and assorted items

53       Perfumes and toiletries

54       A vintage leg of mutton gun case

55       A box of new in packet bras

56       A box including decanters

57       A box of ornaments including Post Man Pat and a Winnie the Pooh money box

58       A box of ornaments including Paddington Bear

59       Two boxes of CDs and DVDs

60       A box including a large Winnie the Pooh money box and a Bob the Builder figure

61       A box of kitchenware including a pie maker

62       A box of new in packet sports clothing

63       A box including a pair of chalk ware figures

64       A box of soft toys including Toy Story's Woody and Postman Pat

65       A box of men's hats

66       A box of electricals including an omelet maker

67       A box of new in packet men's shirts

68       A box of handbags

69       A selection of watches

70       A picnic hamper

71       An enamel pan and kettle

72       A copper water urn

73       A selection of collectables including Copenhagen

74       Crested ware and assorted

75       Four wicker baskets

76       Postcards and stamps

77       A vintage Dansette record player

78       Tasco telescope

79       Wrist watches

80       Costume jewellery

81       A pair of Carvela ladies' shoes size 5

82       Lego

83       Cigarette cards and stamps

84       Doll's house and furniture

85       Two boxes of DVDs and CDs

86       A box of new in packet men's shirts

87       A box of clothing

88       DVDs and CDs

89       New in packet bedding

90       A box including a bull ornament

91       A box including a Power Air fryer

92       A box of soft toys including Shaun the Sheep and a leprechaun

93       A box of handbags and plastic shoes

94       A box including an animal tea kettle

95       A box of DVDs and CDs

96       A box of soft toys including Tigger and Shrek

97       A box of metal ware including a companion set

98       A clock

99       A tin of keys

100     A Bush micro compact disc player together with a Yamaha keyboard

101     A boxed Hornby Thomas the Tank Engine train set with accessories

102     Three retro West German vases

103     Costume jewellery

104     Vintage annuals including Rupert the Bear

105     A four piece silver plated tea set

106     A copper coal bucket and two copper kettles

107     A box of assorted including tea cards

108     A vintage Singer sewing machine

109     A selection of vintage annuals and children's books

110     Costume jewellery and metal ware

111     A box of electricals including a Lenovo laptop

112     Two boxes of DVDs

113     A box of ladies' shoes including Marks and Spencer and River Island

114     A box of clothing including a leather jacket and a pair of Cringles shoes

115     A box of bangles

116     A box of DVDs

117     A box of new in packet clothing

118     A box of men's shoes

119     A box of new in packet men's shirts

120     Two boxes of ceramics

121     A box of handbags including Paul's Boutique

122     A box of electricals including a printer

123     A retro soda siphon, LPs, singles and a lustre ware jug

124     Two retro kitchen canisters, vintage wooden biscuit barrel, a desk tray

125     A box of bangles

126     A selection of metal ware

127     Costume jewellery

128     A box of fashion handbags

129     A box of books and maps including vintage servicing guides for Triumph cars

130     A pair of Totes Toasties size 5

131     A box including a wooden jewellery box

132     A box including records

133     A box of vintage tins

134     A box including Foley china

135     A box including Tilley lamps

136     A box including Pyrex dishes

137     A box of vintage tins and assorted

138     A box of metal ware

139     Five pieces of Burleigh Calico blue and white ware

140     A box including Crown Devon twin handled cup

141     Retro ceramics and a jug with hand painted scenes

142     A pair of ladies' Dune shoes size 5

143     A selection of Giles cartoon books

144     Wrist watches

145     A pair of Vianni ladies' shoes size 5

146     A table top football game

147     A box including a barometer

148     Two boxes of books and DVDs relating to steam trains

149     Two boxes of toys and games

150     A box including a telephone

151     A box of CDs and DVDs

152     A box including a snooker cue and an M&Ms figure

153     A box including weighing scales

154     Box of hotel ware

155     Box including an agate ashtray

156     A box including a music keyboard

157     A box including a new in packet duvet set

158     Small silver items and costume jewellery

159     A collectable vintage Casio 1174 TV remote control wrist watch with instructions

160     Five hallmarked silver spoons together with a cake slice and cheese knife with hallmarked silver handles

161     A 9ct gold ladies' Bueche-Girod watch

162     A hallmarked silver ink well

163     Two gilt silver hallmarked Georg Jensen commemorative year spoons 1971, length 6"

164     A selection of wrist watches together with a military issue pocket watch

165     An Elgin pocket watch retailed by Thomas Russell and Sons of Liverpool

166     A hallmarked silver cigarette box, width 7"

167     Costume jewellery including a David Andersen silver and enamel bracelet

168     A vintage dagger

169     A majolica table centre piece with three figures of putti, height 10.25"

170     A bronze figure of a nude, height 11"

171     A Royal Doulton figure 'Red, Red Rose' together with a print and a book

172     A musical snow globe of the Sydney Opera House

173     A boxed vintage Tekno model of a Jaguar E type together with a harmonica

174     A vintage boxed Matchbox Mercedes trailer, boxed Matchbox Road Dragster, boxed Matchbox Foden Concrete Truck and a Matchbox collector's catalogue 1969

175     A ceramic figure of Cinderella together with a vintage wall plaque

176     A tray of collectables

177     A railway map of England and Wales 1845

178     A coin collector's album populated with penny coins in sequential order beginning 1860

179     Costume jewellery

180     Five gent's wrist watches

181     A brass oil lamp

182     Three resin models of golfers

183     Costume jewellery

184     A selection of keys

185     A table mirror with a ceramic frame

186     Costume jewellery

187     A lava lamp

188     A vintage desk lamp

189     A framed print of a sampler

190     A vintage framed watercolour of flowers

191     A fantasy watercolour drawing by P Guest dated 1944

192     An antique framed oil painting

193     Two boxes of soft goods

194     A box including tankards

195     Two boxes of books including Yorkshire

196     A silver plated tea pot and coffee pot and a silver plated tray

197     A selection of new in packet greetings cards

198     A tray of assorted including a Royal Doulton coffee pot and a Belleek jug

199     A selection of the History of the 20th Century magazine

200     A selection of framed pictures

201     A companion set

202     Four floating shelves

203     An ornate wall mirror

204     A selection of Christmas items

205     A selection of framed pictures

206     A roll of burgundy cloth

207     A roll of white striped cloth

208     A roll of yellow cloth

209     A vintage film advertising poster for The Likely Lads, 30"x40"

210     A framed print 'Autumn' together with a Lowry print

211     A box of cartoon books including Andy Capp and Fred Bassett

212     A box including cocktail glasses and ceramics

213     A box including books on whiskey

214     A box of clothes

215     A box including an air bed

216     A box of DVDs

217     Two woodworking vices

218     A portable flood light and a wall mounted flood light

219     Two wooden crates

220     Two boxes of cameras and camera accessories

221     A box of tools

222     A tool box and contents

223     Two boxes of tools and assorted

224     A box of vintage wrought iron wares

225     A vintage bottle jack

226     A pair of Hunter wellington boots size 5

227     A box including a vintage Dymo 2300 MKII label printer

228     A box of calipers and sockets

229     Two crates of Royal Doulton china

230     Three stainless steel catering trays

231     A box of books

232     A box including a steam cleaner

233     Twelve new in packet 3M Thinsulate gloves

234     An unopened new Parkside pressure washer

235     A hand press

236     A box including a bottle jack

237     A box of tools

238     A vintage Singer sewing machine

239     A box including a portable DVD player

240     A box of kitchen ware

241     A box of wild life DVDs

242     A galvanised watering can and two galvanised buckets

243     Two boxes of picture frames

244     A vintage projector and projector screen

245     A wall paper pasting table

246     A pair of vintage coat racks

247     A bundle of material

248     A bundle of material

249     Three rolls of material

250     A strimmer and other gardening tools

251     A box of books, a Ford Transit roof rack and a rug

252     A pair of garden ornaments

253     A pair of garden lions

254     A pair of garden cherubs

255     A piano stool

256     A vintage display cabinet

257     Four vintage spindle back chairs

258     A sack cart

259     Two stools

260     A table and four chairs

261     A rug 71.5"x109"

262     Two loft hatches

263     An early 20th century bedroom suite

264     A small set of steps

265     Three limited edition prints and an Ashley Jackson print

266     Two foot stools and one other

267     Two pine shelf units

268     A pine toilet mirror

269     A Victorian chest of drawers, width 48.5"

270     A display cabinet supplied by Russell Dean, width 51"

271     Three mirrors

272     A gilt framed mirror

273     A deck chair and a rocking footstool

274     A vintage RAF uniform and cap

275     An academic gown and mortar board

276     A Maine ladies' jacket size 16

277     A ladies' M&S velvet coat size 16

278     A Dash ladies' jacket size 16

279     Tom Dodson" 'Fish and Chips', a limited edition signed print

280     An original painting

281     A selection of pictures including original watercolours and limited edition prints

282     A box of stamp albums

283     A box including a carved wooden table

284     A box of metal ware

285     A box of ceramics including an Adam's transfer printed mug

286     A box of electricals

287     Two boxes of ceramics including a cottage ware tea pot

288     A box of records

289     A box of electrical extensions

290     A box including a blue and white vase

291     A box including a West German vase

292     A table runner

293     Five framed pictures

294     Ephemera and glass ware

295     A box of jugs and other ceramics together with egg shell porcelain tea ware

296     A box of assorted including a commemorative tray cloth for the opening of the new civic hall Leeds 1933

297     Three boxes of assorted and a shredder

298     A boxed micro Scalextric Mini Mania and a box of toy cars

299     A box of assorted including cased fish knives and forks

300     A box including binoculars

301     Two boxes of assorted including a Comfy Cosy tea pot

302     Two boxes of assorted including blue and white ware

303     A pair of new in box Bucket Feet shoes

304     Six cut glass hock glasses

305     A brass table lamp in the form of a cherub

306     A vintage Ultra record player

307     Costume jewellery and silver plated ware

308     A vintage miniature six heights set of drawers, height 40"

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