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General Sale
Friday 24th January at 10.00am


Thursday 23rd January 8.00am until 7.00pm
Morning of sale 8.00am until 9.55am

314 Lots

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Forthcoming sale Friday 7th February
We will be accepting goods for this sale on Friday 24th January 1.00pm-5.00pm, Monday 27th & Tuesday 28th January 9am-2pm and Friday 31st January 10am-12pm.

NB: All electricals in the auction are sold as scrap and as seen with no guarantee unless stated.

Parking – please park in the main car park and only outside the auction when collecting.

1        A brass desk set

2        A Pair of cloisonné vases - height 6" (15cm)

3        A Denby flared vase - height 5" (13cm)

4        A terrestrial globe

5        A Ken Dodd souvenir booklet together with a Ken Dodd single

6        Cigarette cards

7        A vintage leather bag

8        A ceramic footed dish and a Vista Alegre planter

9        Two blue and white meat plates and a Robert Burns blue and white dish

10       A crystoleum

11       Two pieces of Mason's Chartreuse ware

12       Crested ware

13       Fabric patches

14       A Coleman's mustard thermometer

15       Maling blue and white ware together with a Copenhagen cup and saucer

16       Edinburgh crystal including a ship's decanter

17       A boxed Corgi model of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang together with three other boxed toy vehicles

18       Stewart crystal and other glass ware

19       A German ceramic figure of a girl, a Nao figure of a boy, Royal Doulton figure of cats and a Lilliput Lane model

20       Wrist watches

21       A Kensington Sunflower pitcher, pair of cranberry salts, other glassware and corkscrews

22       A Kenwood mini hi-fi

23       Four Spode 'Kyushu Dragon' cups and saucers

24       Noritake tea ware

25       Two wooden gun cases

26       A boxed vintage Corgi 1127 Simon Snorkel fire engine together with three other toy vehicles

27       Coalport "Autumn Bloom" tea ware

28       A fire dog in the form of a West Highland Terrier - height 16" (40.5cm)

29       Chemistry wares and a Morse code key

30       Stoneware beer keg - height 15.5" (39cm)

31       Two Beatles albums, three Beatles singles and a Beatles audio cassette

32       Shelley ceramics including tea pot and other china

33       A vintage wooden cutlery box

34       Royal Brierley crystal

35       A wooden tankard

36       A vintage brass Salter weighing scale

37       A 19th century Crown Derby dish with a hand painted scene of Loch Tay by M Terry 1897 together with other ceramics

38       A crystal decanter and six whiskey tumblers on a silver plated tray

39       A vintage Olympia Simplex typewriter

40       78s and LPs

41       Two boxes of glassware and assorted

42       Box of clothing

43       Box including two Victorian snake handled jugs

44       Box of children's art materials

45       Scanner and a laminator

46       A box of new in packet joke breathalysers

47       A box including a Wedgewood "Sarah's Garden" planter

48       Box including Tuscan tea ware and other tea ware

49       Box including a set of weighing scales

50       Box including a Crown Devon dish

51       Six soda siphons

52       Box of lamps and lights

53       Box of mugs

54       Box including a set of weighing scales

55       Box including stone ware

56       Games and remote controlled vehicles

57       Two boxes of kitchen ware

58       Box including Old Country Roses sugar bowl

59       Box including seashells

60       Box including tea ware and other ceramics

61       Box including a dolphin ornament

62       Box of Lego

63       Box of antiques books

64       Box of Elvis LPs

65       Two vintage suitcases containing tins, jigsaws and games

66       Two boxes of vintage accessories and clothing and other clothing

67       A vintage school desk

68       Toy military boats including Dinky

69       A pair of brass candlesticks and a silver plated tray

70       A pair of vintage Avery weighing scales

71       Three framed Guinness pictures

72       A silver plated candelabra and a pair of silver plated candle sticks

73       A wooden CD storage cupboard

74       Costume jewellery

75       Eighty two Eagle comics

76       Vintage Christmas decorations

77       Box of local and other books

78       A pair of Gale bookshelf speakers

79       A Zandra Rhodes handbag

80       A crate of model F1 cars

81       Costume jewellery

82       A vintage HMV Monarch record player

83       Vintage evening bags

84       An antique decanter with six antique glasses

85       Two vintage egg baskets

86       Brass candle sticks

87       Box including a camera

88       Three boxes of glass ware

89       A box of treen

90       A box including a copper tankard

91       A box including a telephone

92       A box including a ceramic fruit decoration

93       Box including shoe shine equipment

94       A box of ladies' shoes

95       A box of children's books

96       A box including a wall clock

97       Box of metal ware

98       Two boxes of books

99       Dolls' house items

100     Vintage books and games

101     A selection of books and journals relating to gemmology

102     Vintage Airfix, Matchbox and other unmade model aeroplanes together with completed model aeroplanes

103     A vintage teak Digsmed Danish Lazy Susan

104     Two boxes of costume jewellery

105     Three enamel kitchen canisters

106     A Bush MP3/CD boom box

107     Two vintage christening gowns

108     A box of key rings, costume jewellery and assorted

109     A 1950s American cookie jar in the form of Elsie the Cow, height 11.75" (28.5cm)

110     Diesel jumper size 12

111     A box of assorted including a vintage Mercedes hub cap

112     A crow decoy

113     A box of books including vintage Bibles

114     A box of assorted including wrist watches

115     A box of toy cars including Scalextic

116     A box of cookery books

117     Fan heaters and assorted

118     A box including a brass elephant

119     A box of LPs

120     A box of England v Ireland rugby shirts

121     Costume jewellery

122     Framed pictures and assorted

123     A box including a Boules set

124     A box including kitchen ware and assorted

125     A box of linens

126     Three tier food steamer

127     A box including books

128     A box of kitchen ware

129     AKAI vintage hi-fi

130     A box including an anniversary clock

131     Two boxes of books

132     A box of toy vehicles including Postman Pat

133     A box of matchboxes

134     A box of Scalextric

135     Costume jewellery

136     Printing blocks and assorted

137     Candle holders and assorted

138     A copper fish kettle and a copper pan

139     A 1980s East German train set

140     A box including an ironstone coffee pot

141     A box including lusterware teapot

142     A box including a copper watering can

143     A box including a television and a wall mount TV bracket

144     A box  of new in packet IKEA pans

145     A box of new in packet boxing t-shirts

146     A box of IKEA goods

147     A box of Bakelite items

148     A box of games console items

149     A lidded wooden jar and treen items

150     A box of ceramics including Midwinter "Shalamar" pattern

151     A box including Parker pens

152     Vintage boxed electrical valves

153     A vintage Sanyo portable music centre model - G-2615H

154     Davidson's and other glassware

155     Brass jam pan

156     A box of metal ware

157     A box of ephemera

158     A box of soft goods

159     A box of kitchen ware

160     A box including an alarm clock

161     Dinner ware

162     A portable radiator heater - working order

163     A box of ornaments

164     A box of table lamps

165     Pine double bed head

166     Selection of picture frames and mirrors

167     A silver pendant set with a diamond, a silver ring set with a diamond and other jewellery

168     A trinket box with a hallmarked silver embossed lid

169     Four commemorative £5 coins and two Festival of Britain coins

170     Cuff-links

171     A 19th century Daguerreotype photograph

172     Small silver jewellery

173     A boxed Imperial Service Medal with accompanying letter

174     Two gilt framed oleographs

175     A folding table

176     A box including Royal Doulton wine glasses

177     A box including jewellery boxes

178     A box of electricals

179     Two boxes of assorted including Christmas decorations

180     An early 20th century dressing table bottle

181     A French Kepi hat

182     Four Avery bell weights

183     A cold cast bronze figure of Atlas

184     A Whitefriars glass duck

185     A vintage vanity case covered in crocodile skin

186     A vintage Rhythm alarm clock

187     A vintage boxed Lesney Models of Yesterday 1928 Mercedes toy car together with a Matchbox collector's catalogue 1969

188     An early 20th century copper fender

189     Seven lobby cards for Von Ryan's Express

190     A La Couture clarinet

191     Two jewellery boxes with costume jewellery

192     A child's electric guitar

193     Coins and cigarette cards

194     GWR accident reports

195     A selection of vintage car handbooks

196     An antique carved mahogany music stand

197     Two Kukri knives mounted on wood

198     A wall hanging in the form of a resin stag's head

199     A vintage Rodgers Vitalater

200     A selection of books including several sporting autobiographies

201     Three framed pictures

202     Five framed watercolours depicting rooms at Crossley House, Halifax

203     Box of books relating to F1 and steam engines

204     A vintage heat ray lamp

205     A carved wooden wall plaque "Galloway Reels" together with an eastern carving set

206     Two cased violins

207     A framed oil painting

208     An ironing board

209     A wooden plant stand on tri-pod base with ball and claw feet, height 52.5" (133cm)

210     Four framed pictures

211     A pair of paintings in the surrealist genre, height 69" (175cm)

212     A box of metal ware

213     Two boxes of kitchen ware

214     A box of kitchen ware

215     Two boxes of assorted including Crown Ducal bowls

216     Two boxes of assorted including Eternal Beau dinner and tea ware

217     A vintage Luxicot carry cot with original box and tow teddy bears

218     Three croquet mallets

219     A vintage doll's high chair

220     A wicker picnic set

221     Two boxes of books

222     Two boxes of picture frames

223     Champagne flutes, office files, two pictures, curtains, a roll of fabric, two mirrors and a bathroom stand

224     A vintage Aldis slide projector

225     An HP DeskJet 1050 printer and scanner

226     Two coal scuttles

227     A vintage record No 53 woodworking vice and two other vices

228     Two crates of Royal Doulton tea ware

229     A box of tools

230     A box of joist brackets

231     A box of fluorescent tubes, a box of tools and assorted

232     Hanging decorations

233     A Black and Decker electric screwdriver and a rotary tool

234     Two desk lamps

235     A Hotpoint food mixer

236     A Parkside circular saw

237     A box of assorted including extension leads

238     A box of locks and hinges

239     Three boxes of DVDs

240     A pair of waders size 7

241     A Rothenberger portable oxyacetylene kit

242     A vintage Singer sewing machine

243     A box including tennis rackets

244     A box including jump leads

245     A box of electricals

246     Electricals

247     A pair of cement garden lions, height 21" (53.5cm)

248     Gardening items and cleaning items

249     Four volumes of The Birds of Britain and other books

250     Linens, cushions, bedding

251     Bedside table

252     A four height set of plastic drawers containing cake decorating items

253     A JCB petrol strimmer

254     A Ryobi petrol strimmer with a hedge trimmer attachment

255     A vintage leather suitcase, width 30" (76cm)

256     Two heights filing cabinet

257     Four wooden and chrome dining chairs

258     Assorted items including an arm chair and a bedside chest of drawers

259     A brass and onyx occasional table

260     A dark wood coffee table

261     A coffee table

262     An antique chest, width 44" (112cm)

263     A retro extending dining table and six chairs

264     A small early 20th century mahogany side board with cupboard, height 48.5" (123cm)

265     An aluminium set of step ladders

266     A side table in the oriental style with two drawers under, width 42.75" (109cm)

267     An oak gate leg table

268     An early 20th century nursing chair

269     Twenty one nursery school chairs

270     Twenty one nursery school chairs

271     Ten nursery school tables

272     A vintage Humber bicycle

273     A three seater reclining leather sofa

274     An Italian chair

275     A pair of oak bedside tables each with a drawer, width 23.75" (60cm)

276     An early 20th century mahogany hall stand with drawer and cupboard, height 84" (213cm)

277     An oak side board with nine drawers under and bevelled mirror back, width 64" (162.5cm)

278     A vintage set of pine steps

279     A pair of vintage stools with string work seats

280     A mid 20th century side board by Younger of Birmingham, width 57" (145cm)

281     An oak ladies wardrobe, height 76" (193cm)

282     A mahogany finish corner cupboard

283     An oak gentleman's wardrobe, height 68.25" (173cm)

284     A pair of oak three tier drawer units

285     A oak king size panelled bed headboard, width 66" (167.5cm)

286     A Vennox model 60900 telescope

287     A mahogany Queen Anne style chair

288     Three canoe paddles

289     Four boxes including Molly pads, educational books and soft goods

290     Two boxes of legal reference books including Hasbury's statutes books

291     A box of tins

292     A box of assorted including a copper pitcher

293     Two boxes including tins

294     A shelf unit in the form of a boat

295     Box of Folio edition books

296     A box including a chess set

297     A 19th century percussion Cape gun, one barrel being a shot gun, the other a rifle, the locks signed W. Richards, overall length 48.25" (123cm)

298     A vintage boxed Chad Valley World Cup Soccer game

299     A box of ceramics including Ridgeway "Home Maker" and Poole

300     A small early 20th century oak cupboard, height 16.5" (42cm)

301     Twelve boxed Beatles mugs

302     A box of toy cars including Dinky

303     A Bose Sound Link Bluetooth speaker

304     Two framed Japanese late Meiji period Mishimura fine silk embroidery pictures in original frames

305     A Micro Scalextric "Rallye Stages"

306     An office chair, an upholstered armchair and footstool, a TV stand, two occasional tables and a record player cabinet

307     A Magna mountain bike

308     Two office chairs

309     A TV stand

310     A child's chair

311     A kitchen table

312     A box of tools

313     Two Antler suitcases and one other

314     A vintage desk

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