Friday 10th July at 10.00am


Thursday 9th June 9.00am until 6.00pm
Morning of the sale 8.00am until 9.55am

302 Lots

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Forthcoming sale Friday 24th July
We will be accepting goods for this sale on Friday 10th July 1.00pm-5.00pm, Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th July 9am-2pm and Friday 17th July 10am-12pm.
(If calling Friday 17th please call to check space availability)

NB: All electricals in the auction are sold as scrap and as seen with no guarantee unless stated.

Parking – please park in the main car park and only outside the auction when collecting.

1        A selection of vintage Elvis monthly magazine

2        A boxed Corgi model of a Hawker Hunter

3        A wooden shop till                                   

4        A selection of stamps

5        Costume jewellery

6        Costume jewellery

7        Model trains

8        Costume jewellery

9        Vintage hats

10       Vintage hats

11       Three novelty butter dishes and a novelty canister

12       The Illustrated Edition of the Arabian Nights in twelve volumes, published 1897

13       A box of collectables

14       A box of collectable china

15       A box of accessories and assorted

16       Flatware and assorted

17       A box of books

18       A box including blue and white ware

19       A box including a Minton vase

20       A box including a cordless screwdriver

21       A box including two cooler boxes

22       A box including a coffee percolator

23       Gardening items

24       Two boxes of assorted including toys

25       A box of clothes

26       An LG flat screen TV

27       A box of assorted including an oak table lamp

28       A box of assorted including singles

29       A box of shawls and other soft goods

30       A box of tins

31       A box including a pestle and mortar

32       Draughtsmen's' tools

33       Three Tamiya tank model kits

34       Vintage medical equipment

35       Costume jewellery

36       A portable DVD player

37       Wool and patterns

38       Lego

39       A selection of Beetle toy cars

40       A selection of children's annuals

41       A Bush bluetooth CD boom box

42       Subbuteo items

43       A box including a silver plated tea set

44       Queen Mary memorabilia and model ships

45       A picnic basket

46       Great Central Railway engine plans

47       Wool and soft goods

48       A box of assorted including scales

49       A box of assorted including a book on the Beatles

50       A box including a retro barometer

51       A box including a blue and white vase

52       A box of assorted including Giles cartoon books

53       A box of assorted including a clock

54       A box of assorted including a Standard Fireworks Commemorative plate

55       Three Harmony tureens

56       A box including a toy penguin

57       A box of assorted including gloves

58       A vintage brass covered box and a brass covered magazine rack

59       A box of assorted including soft toys

60       A box including handbags

61       A large wall mirror

62       A selection of fabrics and a lady's hat

63       An alpaca blend throw

64       Postcards, vintage tins

65       Two hot water urns, a copper kettle and one other cooking pot

66       Three Italian books on Italian monuments

67       Costume jewellery

68       A vintage Olivetti typewriter

69       A selection of new in packet Karate belts

70       Aynsley dinner ware

71       A selection of Leica photography magazines, issue 41 of OZ magazine, other magazines and ephemera

72       Two boxes of books

73       A new in packet solar powered security light

74       A box of ornaments and a wall clock

75       Two boxes of handbags

76       Flatware and other metal ware

77       A box of assorted including an illuminated sign

78       Football programmes and boxing periodicals

79       Ten high viz and work ware jackets

80       Ten high viz and work ware jackets

81       Ten high viz and work ware jackets

82       A box including a toaster

83       A box of glassware

84       A box of kitchenware

85       Medical and other books

86       Flatware

87       Costume jewellery

88       A mahogany tea caddy

89       A Cosina camera and accessories

90       Flatware

91       A vintage SCM typewriter

92       A vintage Moulinex food mixer

93       Watches, costume jewellery and assorted

94       Flatware, assorted metal ware

95       A vintage first aid kit, keys and bottles

96       Flatware

97       Two albums containing vintage postcards

98       Local books and ephemera

99       New in packet Matchbox cars

100     Costume jewellery and assorted

101     Two boxes of electrical items

102     Two boxes of electrical items

103     Two boxes of electrical items

104     A box containing a Melba Ware jug

105     A galvanised watering can and ceramic storage jars

106     A box of assorted including a figure of a Geisha girl

107     A box of books including Beatrix Potter

108     A box including blue and white china

109     A box of assorted china and glass

110     A selection of 1950s photographs exhibited at the Los Angeles Camera Club

111     A vintage charger decorated in the Modernist style, diameter 20"

112     A selection of costume jewellery

113     A box of assorted including Wade figures

114     A box of handbags including Enny

115     Three brass chargers

116     Antique meat plates

117     A box of soft toys and a vintage doll's high chair

118     Max Brandrett: "Photo Finish Kalaglow Winner of King George V and Queen Elizabeth Diamond Stakes, Ascot" print, signed by the artist and other pictures

119     A box including a stationery box

120     A box including tribal figures

121     Two boxes of glass ware

122     A box of assorted including a ceramic model of a house

123     A box of electricals

124     Three boxes of dolls

125     A box of stationery items

126     A box of room dehumidifiers

127     Flatware

128     An ammunition box

129     A good quality English made silver plated four branch candelabra by Barker Brothers, Birmingham, height 21"

130     A wooden crate marked Herbs and six terracotta plant pots

131     A box of assorted including vintage Shell collector's coins

132     A box including a Postman Pat figure

133     A box including a Robert's radio

134     Two boxes of books

135     A box of glassware

136     Two boxes of assorted china

137     A box of stationery items

138     Two pictures and a mirror

139     A VAX vacuum cleaner in working order

140     A ceiling light

141     A boxed Christian Louboutin lipstick

142     Three silver vesta cases, silver earrings and cufflinks

143     A hallmarked silver cigarette box, length 6.5"

144     A silver hallmarked bowl, diameter 3"

145     An antique New Zealand Nephrite jade heart shaped pendant with a yellow metal mount in the form of a fern leaf with the initials NZ

146     A silver curb bracelet with a silver padlock fastener

147     Three silver pendants

148     A silver hallmarked Charm Company bracelet and charms

149     9ct gold chain, approximately 2.5g and silver chains

150     A cased set of six silver hallmarked cake forks, a silver hallmarked spoon

151     A cased set of six silver hallmarked coffee spoons and sugar tongs

152     An early 20th century runny glazed vase, height 24"

153     A vintage ventriloquist's doll

154     A pair of early 20th century Noritake hand painted vases, height 8.5"

155     A 19c vase hand painted with flowers height 4.5 ins

156     A 1950s tin plate Scalextric car, one other Scalextric car and two other slot cars

157     A vintage set of books including a dictionary of dates, an atlas, German and English dictionary, French and English dictionary, Poetical and Prose Quotations and Mythology, dictionary, proverbs and maxims

158     A brass inkwell

159     Jewellery box and contents

160     Postcards and photographs of trains

161     A selection of vintage heavy metal band badges

162     Military badges and insignia

163     Disney Wade Whimsys

164     A selection of collectables

165     Costume jewellery and collectables

166     An album of vintage post cards

167     A vintage Zorki 4K camera, a vintage Praktica camera with a Cark Zeiss lens and binoculars

168     Plated ware including a muffin warmer by Lister Horsefall, Halifax

169     Coins, bank notes and framed John Wayne stamps

170     A Dell laptop

171     A vintage bead evening purse and other handbags

172     Two tribal spears

173     Donald Crossley (1932-2014): "Snow Under the Walls", water colour drawing, 13"x20"

174     Maureen Pritchard: "The Look" pastel drawing, 8"x5"

175     A map of the Great Western Railway

176     A mirror and two pictures

177     Two ceiling lights, plaster ceiling roses, other lights

178     A set of vintage cast iron scales and weights

179     A Sharp HI-FI

180     A Sony Bravia TV

181     A box of assorted including a game of Risk

182     A suitcase containing ten acoustic guitar cases

183     Seven pictures including a signed limited edition

184     A selection of pictures

185     A dog cage and a dog basket

186     A gilt framed wall mirror

187     Two vintage typewriters and one other

188     A vintage print together with other pictures

189     A pair of vintage ice skates

190     A television and other electricals

191     A television and other electronics

192     A glitter lamp and two tambourines

193     A mirror

194     Vintage fabrics including crimpoline

195     Three boxes of assorted

196     Toys

197     Three boxes of assorted including a vintage telephone

198     A box of assorted including a table lamp

199     A new in packet Expelair extractor fan with transformer and fittings

200     A Tull bench grinder

201     A box of tools

202     A box of ultra sonic pest repellents

203     Three crates of Royal Doulton china

204     A box of hardware

205     A microwave and a box including demi-johns

206     A box of gardening items

207     A Sharp Rocket hand held vacuum cleaner

208     Assorted metal ware

209     A car polisher

210     A Karcher K25E power brush with vacuum

211     A picnic basket

212     Garden items including a water feature

213     An inflatable mattress, camping stool and folding table

214     A tub of tools

215     A Black and Decker heat gun and cordless DeWalt drills

216     A woodworking vice

217     A tool box and contents

218     Tools

219     A tool box and tools

220     A Wickes electric planer, an Evolution circular saw and a cordless drill

221     A selection of power tools

222     A garden sprayer

223     Seven resin and other garden ornaments

224     Two garden statues in the form of demons, height 19"

225     A pair of garden statues in the form of cat and a dog playing fiddles, height 19"

226     A garden ornament in the form of a crocodile length 33ins

227     Four frog and toad garden ornaments

228     Three otter garden ornaments

229     a garden ornament in the form of a lion and a snake

230     A pair of garden ornaments in the form of lions holding shields, height 33"

231     A pair of garden ornaments in the form of seated lions length 27 in

232     A glass bathroom basin

233     An antique mirror

234     Eight new in packet lengths of flooring

235     Linens

236     A Montpellier fridge freezer

237     A piece of exercise equipment

238     A box of toys and games

239     A box of toys and games

240     Two boxes of bric-a-brac

241     Two boxes of bric-a-brac and electricals

242     Cut glass and assorted

243     A box of handbags

244     A box of assorted including a Cloisonné vase and a vintage Chesterman surveying tape measure

245     A box including a Lego Big Bang Theory diorama

246     A boxed novelty Dirty Bertie and soft toys

247     Battery operated toys

248     A box of toys

249     A box of games

250     A box of bric-a-brac

251     Books and DVDs

252     Costume jewellery, collectors' plates and a child's chair

253     A wall bracket, picture and assorted

254     A box including pewter

255     A box of kitchenware

256     A box of computer games for the PC

257     A chair converting library steps

258     A walking aid/chair

259     A chair with a cane work seat

260     A retro table

261     Two spindle back chairs

262     Two sets of steps

263     A cane work arm chair and plant stand

264     A pine double bed headboard together with a single bed headboard

265     A mountain bike

266     An oak bureau and cupboard, width 45"

267     A canteen of cutlery

268     An early 20th century mahogany display cabinet with leaded door, height 48"

269     Three lady's jackets including one leather

270     Three faux fur coats

271     Two vintage British Rail uniform jackets

272     A sheep skin jacket

273     A leather jacket

274     A Superdry jacket and a Hein Gericke motor bike jacket

275     A Beatles print

276     A gilt framed mirror

277     A retro book case, width 30"

278     Gardening tools

279     An oil painting on canvas depicting a child, 24"x20"

280     Four vintage blankets and a footstool

281     A set of four heights pine drawers

282     A wall clock

283     A vintage sledge, one other sledge and snooker cues

284     Three boxes of electricals

285     A Pink Floyd poster printed on box canvas

286     A Hoover vacuum cleaner

287     A Sharp vacuum cleaner

288     An Electrolux vacuum cleaner

289     An antique pediment carving together with a vintage ash tray

290     A vintage adjustable chair support

291     Four boxes of electricals

292     A selection of framed pictures

293     A picture cut from paper entitled Flower Fairy, 14"x8"

294     A bean bag

295     A drop leaf dining table

296     A wine table and stool

297     An antique Windsor arm chair

298     A music cabinet

299     An Arnold Designs retro coffee table

300     A monk's bench, width 39.5"

301     An oak extending dining table and four chairs

302     A remote controlled aeroplane with petrol engine, wingspan 64"

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