Friday 8th January at 10.00am


Thursday 7th January 9.00am until 6.00pm
Morning of the sale 8.00am until 9.55am

221 Lots

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Forthcoming sale Friday 22nd January
We will be accepting goods for this sale on Friday 8th January 1.00pm-5.00pm, Monday 11th & Tuesday 12th January 9am-2pm.


NB: All electricals in the auction are sold as scrap and as seen with no guarantee unless stated.

Parking – please park in the main car park and only outside the auction when collecting.

1        Cigarette cards

2        Lighters in the form of guns

3        Enamel trinket boxes

4        Marbles

5        A Burago model of a Ferrari 550 together with a Burago model of a Ferrari 456 GT and two Corgi classics Donnington Collection models

6        Cased flatware including silver handled

7        A selection of lady's wrist watches

8        A postcard album

9        An antique framed Sacred Heart Indulgence card

10      A pair of brass wall lamps marked GWR

11      Three vintage fishing reels

12      A vintage creel

13      Two stamp albums

14      Travelling medical instruments

15      Camera and camera lenses

16      Vintage badges

17      Vintage car manuals

18      Display stand

19      Jewellery stands

20      A vintage boxed pin ball game

21      Vintage copies of The Model Engineer together with car books

22      Vintage glass oven ware

23      A box containing brass candlesticks

24      A box containing a Royal Doulton character jug

25      A box containing a frog mug

26      Wicker baskets

27      Two boxes of assorted including a cake stand

28      Two boxes of glass and china

29      A box of blue glass ware

30      Two boxes of kitchen ware

31      Two boxes of flat ware and utensils

32      Assorted ceramics including a Beswick character jug, Carltonware and Rington's

33      Stevenson and Derby tea ware hand painted with roses and foliage

34      A retro Lucite jewellery box together with costume jewellery

35      Silver plate and pewter ware

36      A tray of assorted including retro preserve pots, coins and badges

37      Stamp albums

38      A selection of Royal Canadian Mounted Police penknives and knives

39      Mayfair dinner and tea ware and Colclough dinner and tea ware

40      A Belgian tapestry wall hanging, Belgian tapestry bell pull and one other tapestry

41      Two vintage poisons registers

42      Two silver handled shoe horns and two silver handled button hooks

43      Toy vehicles

44      A cased carving set and antique bread knives

45      A selection of Royal Canadian Mounted Police ornaments

46      Brass toilet mirror and a brass wall light

47      A selection of enamel pill boxes and other boxes

48      Tea cards

49      Vintage dominoes and vintage card games

50      Paper weights and assorted

51      Model plane kits and a Royal Canadian Mounted Police model kit

52      Local interest items

53      A 1920s canteen of cutlery by J. Turton Sheffield together with silver plated flatware

54      Old Hall tea and coffee ware including a scarce tea strainer

55      Two wooden moulds

56      A box of kitchen ware

57      New in packet decorating items

58      Cut decanters and other glass ware

59      A box including a Denby tureen

60      A box including a retro lamp base

61      A box including vintage games

62      A box including kitchen ware and beads

63      A box including vintage soft goods

64      A box of mill wool

65      A box of children's books

66      A box of ladies' clothing

67      A box of shoes and boots

68      Two boxes of glass ware including Babycham glasses

69      A box of vintage and later tins

70      Pub water jugs, a cruet set relating to The White Swan Hotel Halifax and other pub and brewery related items

71      A box of buttons

72      Two boxes of sewing items

73      A box of sewing items and buttons

74      A box of new in packet Beanie hats

75      Duchess "Tranquillity" pattern tea ware

76      Cosmetics

77      A carved and inlaid book slide and assorted items

78      A pair of leather cowboy boots size 12

79      A selection of Alfa Romeo toy cars including a Dinky

80      Aynsley "Blue Bell Woods" tea ware together with Paragon "Bridal Rose" tea ware

81      Portmeirion Greek Key coffee ware together with a Portmeirion novelty teapot

82      Denby "Green Wheat" dinner ware together with four clover leaf kitchen canisters

83      Royal Crown Derby napkin rings and other china

84      A box of silver plate

85      Harrods's fish knives and forks and assorted

86      Three graduating Wood and Sons Toby jugs, eleven Dickens characters and other ceramics

87      Badges, buttons and assorted together with a card Sergeant Royal Canadian Mounted Police figure

88      A cased Paul Bouse carving set

89      Costume jewellery and watches

90      Tuscan "Forget-me-not" pattern tea ware

91      Costume jewellery

92      Thimbles and two thimble racks

93      Twelve engraved wine glasses

94      Toy guns

95      A Korti meat plate

96      A box including retro glass ware

97      A box including a vintage first aid box

98      A box of kitchen ware, a box of books, a garden parasol and assorted

99      Two festival trollies

100     A Matsui hi-fi

101     A vintage Dual turn table

102     A vintage Sanyo VTC 500 betamax video recorder together with a VHS video recorder, a DVD player and a ceiling light

103     A vintage barometer, a Tadcaster brewery wall clock, one other wall clock and a carriage clock

104     Costume jewellery

105     Foley china, Royal Winton china and other china

106     A limited edition signed photograph of Colin Edwards 2000 World Super Bike Champion autographed by Colin Edwards, 11"x14"

107     A signed photograph of Neil Hodgson with certificate of authenticity

108     Three framed motor sport tickets signed by Marco Melandri, Harga and Barry Sheen

109     Greg Tillett: 'The Doctor' a signed limited edition print autographed by Valantino Rossi, 25"x17"

110     Five framed photographs of Vanantino Rossi

111     A signed photograph of John Reynolds

112     Three framed pictures of Carl Foggarty

113     Tribute to Carl Foggarty, autographed by Carl Foggarty, 23"x15"

114     A Wren's dress uniform

115     A 9ct gold locket on a 9ct gold chain, a silver hallmarked pendant with Edinburgh hallmark and silver chains

116     A proof gold £2 coin: the 350th anniversary of the guinea

117     A 9ct gold ring

118     A vintage brooch in the form of two monkeys set with coloured stones

119     A selection of silver jewellery

120     An amber bracelet together with a hard stone bracelet

121     Five Royal Crown Derby paper weights in the form of birds, four having gold stoppers and one having a silver stopper

122     Three vintage boxed Matchbox toy vehicles

123     Four Royal Crown Derby paper weights in the form of birds, 3 with gold stoppers and one with a silver stopper

124     Four model cars of the James Bond series

125     A boxed Corgi Chipperfield's Circus truck

126     A Royal Brierley cut glas fruit bowl together with a Victorian etched vase

127     Vintage cased napkin rings

128     The works of Shakespeare in 6 volumes, William Clowes and Sons Ltd, 1934

129     Three gent's wrist watches including Guinness

130     A vintage ceramic advertising match striker by Wedekind and Co., London

131     A novelty cast iron nut cracker in the form of Adolf Hitler

132     A cheese knife and cake slice with silver handles

133     Four boxed model World War II planes

134     A vintage Lee Enfield cleaning funnel

135     A vintage shotgun cartridge making machine

136     Pear's Christmas annual 1897

137     Three glass candle holders, the tallest 16"

138     An antique glass cane

139     A boxed Roland Ward silk scarf

140     Three antique Doulton Lambeth stoneware ink bottles

141     An antique German army water canteen

142     Two block and tackle sets and a link

143     A vintage film poster 'Mrs Mike' and one other

144     Geoff Birks: "A Burst, Plumber" signed limited edition print, 8"x5"

145     Geoff Birks: "Hot Roast Potatoes", 6"x6"

146     Geoffrey Hall: three framed watercolours

147     John Groves: "The Beach" framed print

148     David Dipnall: "South Downs Way", an oleograph print

149     A framed print "The Heir Apparent, HRH The Prince of Wales", 13.5"x9"

150     Three boxes of books of motor cycling interest together with binoculars and assorted

151     A box including a lamp together with copper posser and Laura Ashley fabric

152     Various newspapers relating to historical events and other ephemera

153     Vintage bottled beers and miniatures

154     A walking staff with an antler handle

155     Four framed oleographs

156     Motor cycle gear

157     Jigsaw puzzles

158     A brass coal helmet and a brass jardinière

159     A wood working vice

160     Two brass coal helmets and a brass planter

161     Eight boxed Royal Doulton collector's plates

162     Vintage wooden tool box with camping stove and a blow lamp

163     Vintage jigsaws relating to the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canada

164     A pair of in wall sub woofers

165     A pair of wall speakers

166     Seventeen volumes of the Poetical Works of Robert Browning

167     A box of tools

168     A lockable filing drawer

169     Three wall brackets and a ceiling light

170     A collector's display cabinet width, 29.25"

171     Tools

172     A Harmony sewing machine

173     An antique cast iron and brass fender, width 49"

174     A pistol gun safe

175     A selection of mounted photographs by G. Padget

176     Two split cane fishing rods

177     A cast iron tractor seat

178     A large decorative fan

179     Five pairs of curtains

180     An illuminated mirror, foot spa, electricals and a storage trolley

181     A Midwinter Stylecraft "Pink Roses" coffee service together with a retro Meakin coffee service

182     A selection of toy vehicles

183     Vintage and later padlocks together with a vintage volt meter

184     Goldenbrush: a water colour drawing of Piece Hall, 10.5"x8" together with two other pictures

185     A cast iron BP Motor Spirit plaque, diameter 9.5"

186     A framed £1 note

187     Two boxes of ceramics including Susie Cooper and Hornsey

188     Two boxes of ceramics including Royal Worcester and Royal Albert

189     Ceramics and china including a Hornsey Pottery "Heirloom" pattern coffee pot

190     Noritake, Poole and other ceramics

191     Three folding tables, a shelving system, retro stools and a retro suitcase

192     An eastern rug, 63"x41"

193     A Tabriz rug, 76"x56"

194     An eastern rug, 58"x54"

195     A rug

196     Framed pictures

197     A sack cart

198     A 1930s mahogany sideboard, width 48"

199     An early 20th century oak Arts and Crafts wardrobe, height 77"

200     A G-Tec Air Ram and a hand held Vax

201     An oak framed mirror and a mirror painted with a crinoline lady

202     A Hoover Breeze Evo vacuum cleaner together with a Bissell quick wash

203     A Dyson DC07 vacuum cleaner

204     A Penbroke table

205     A Tiffany style lamp and two others

206     A Tiffany style lamp

207     A fish wall decoration

208     A selection of framed pictures and picture frames

209     A pair of vintage stools and a linen bin

210     Retro nest of three tables with tiled tops

211     Three prints and a needlework

212     An advertising poster for an Andy Worhol retrospective, 39"x27"

213     A pine cabinet, width 19"

214     Norman Evans: two watercolour drawings of steam trains

215     A set of library steps

216     An early 20th century commode

217     A vintage set of wooden steps

218     An A board having a white board on one side and notice board on the other

219     Costume jewellery including Coeur de Lion

220     Newspapers relating to historical events

221     Cut decanters, Wade Bell's whiskey bottles and World Cup wine bottles

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