Friday 30th October at 10.00am


Thursday 29th October 9.00am until 6.00pm
Morning of the sale 8.00am until 9.55am

355 Lots

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Forthcoming sale Friday 13th November
We will be accepting goods for this sale on Friday 30th October 1.00pm-5.00pm, Monday 2nd & Tuesday* 3rd November 9am-2pm.

*if calling Tuesday 20th please call to check space availability

NB: All electricals in the auction are sold as scrap and as seen with no guarantee unless stated.

Parking – please park in the main car park and only outside the auction when collecting.

1        A vintage boxed battery powered wooden model boat together with a vintage boxed tin plate motor cycle and side car

2        A telescope by Thomas J Evans, London and two other telescopes

3        A brass sextant by A. Hobbs, London

4        A selection of books on shooting and 'Royal Enfield' by C.A.E. Booker

5        Vintage medical equipment

6        A sealing iron

7        Postcards

8        A cased set of six pairs of silver plated pistol grip knives and forks

9        A vintage theodolite by Stanley, London

10       A barge ware tea pot and a brass oil lamp

11       Postcards and photographs

12       Slide rules

13       A vintage carved wood chess set

14       Singles

15       Five capstan weights

16       A military hat with Russian badges

17       A box of collectables

18       A selection of animal ornaments

19       A pair of stone ware figures of children

20       Three World War II era calendars

21       Watch making parts

22       A box of collectables

23       A remote control plane controller

24       A vintage printer's tray

25       A selection of vintage Tarzan of the Apes magazines

26       Tea cards

27       World War II dated fired and empty British 303 cases

28       A box including a coffee maker

29       A box including remote control cars

30       A Magnext iCoaster

31       A box containing Aynsley ornaments

32       A box including Spode collector's plates

33       A box including bags

34       A box including Tazzos

35       A box of vintage children's books

36       Tea cards

37       A vintage blood pressure gauge and one other piece of medical equipment

38       Greetings cards and ephemera

39       Two archery bows and a case containing arrows and accessories

40       Vintage road maps

41       A box of stamps

42       Vintage thermometers

43       Vintage football ephemera

44       Vintage boxed Britain's Royal Canadian Mounted Police

45       Costume jewellery

46       A box including a crumb tray and brush

47       A box including a retro vase

48       New in packet children's clothing

49       Vintage toys and games

50       A box including a retro West German vase

51       A box including a decorative glass bonsai tree

52       A box including a wall clock

53       A box including pewter plates and a boom box

54       A box including a cottage ware style tea pot

55       A quantity of vintage 0 gauge model railway track

56       Six new in packet tin jugs

57       Ephemera

58       Two boxes of books

59       Vintage first aid items

60       Dr Who cards, Pokémon and Tazzos

61       A Hitachi sound bar

62       Vintage and later books

63       A Kodak Easy Share photo printer

64       The War Illustrated, World War II, 8 volumes

65       Five clock movements

66       Wrist watches

67       Books and ephemera

68       Camera lenses and accessories

69       Postcards and ephemera

70       A vintage boxed Meccano set No. 5 together with a boxed vintage Meccano clockwork motor

71       Books on World War II aircraft and other books and ephemera

72       Vintage games including pre war Monopoly

73       A box of kitchen ware

74       A box of tins and jewellery boxes

75       A box including wrist watches

76       A box including a small chest of drawers

77       Vintage maps

78       Treen items

79       A box including a vintage Acoustical Manufacturing Co Ltd Quad FM tuner

80       Two boxes including souvenir dolls, glass and china

81       A box including a pewter bowl

82       A box including steins

83       A box of treen

84       A box including a Double Century Sherry metal advertising sign

85       A box including jewellery boxes

86       Flatware

87       A vintage mantel clock

88       Vintage pub match holders and strikers

89       Two Kaiser vases

90       Draughtsman's tools

91       A box of auction catalogues

92       A vintage Brownie Folding No. 2 C camera and camera accessories

93       A Victorian writing slope

94       Two copies of Mrs Beeton's Household Management

95       Two framed Victorian tiles

96       Football trading cards and football stickers

97       Vintage clothing and a piece of clothing worn by Alison King as Carla Connor in Coronation Street

98       Vintage boxed Britain's Royal Canadian Mounted Police figures

99       A box including a brass trivet

100     Costume jewellery

101     Cigarette cards

102     Flatware

103     Two Samsung digital cameras together with a digital photo frame

104     Bell weights

105     A vintage wooden chess set and assorted

106     An antique brass jam pan

107     A Citron Depose jug and bowl set

108     A box of books and ephemera

109     Needlework and tapestry items

110     A box including an angle poise lamp

111     An HP photo smart 442 photo printer

112     A box including men's belts

113     A box of tins including John Player Special

114     Stamps

115     Stamp albums and stamp related items

116     A box including vintage sporting binoculars

117     A box of Nerf guns

118     A box including thimbles

119     Cameras and camera accessories

120     A box of iPad and iPhone cases

121     A box including a meercat toy

122     Books on artists

123     A box of war books

124     Aynsley and other ceramics

125     Vintage camera accessories

126     A box including a chess set and collector's spoons

127     Stamps

128     Vintage Lego

129     Model railway

130     A vintage boxed microscope

131     Two boxes of books

132     Triang and Hornby railway

133     A vintage Lettera 22 typewriter

134     A box of collectables

135     A weather station

136     An antique cast iron tomb embellishment

137     An antique Derby coffee can and a hand painted dish, other china and assorted

138     Toy vehicles

139     A box including a carriage clock

140     Two boxes of bags

141     Two boxes including electricals and DVDs

142     A box of kitchen ware

143     A box including an Olympus camera

144     A box including a cut glass fruit bowl

145     A box including a retro clock

146     A box including wrist watches

147     A box including a My First Scalextric

148     A box including a pewter candlestick

149     Four boxes of assorted including games, toys, plumbing items and kitchen ware

150     A box of collectables

151     Nine vintage bottles

152     A box of assorted including a vintage Sekonda LCD watch

153     Vintage Motorsport magazines

154     LPs and singles

155     Nail varnishes

156     Royal Canadian Mounted Police soldiers and a train

157     Two boxes of books

158     A 1980s Sony Betamax video recorder

159     Toy vehicles

160     A boxed 25th anniversary Care Bear together with a teddy bear

161     A box including door stops and a model car

162     Postcards

163     A box including a phrenology head

164     A box including souvenir dolls

165     A box including cat ornaments

166     Retro kitchen utensils

167     Lamps and light fittings

168     A box including a mincer

169     A dehumidifier and a pressure cooker

170     A box of electricals

171     Two boxes of stamps

172     Kitchen ware

173     A box of jeans

174     A box of tins

175     Two boxes including lamps, pictures and a book trough

176     A box including Poole Pottery and other ceramics

177     A box of vintage photography light meters

178     A boxed set of Britain's Royal Mounted Police figures

179     A new in packet Silver Crest 2.1 speaker system

180     A vintage candle making kit

181     World War II and other ephemera

182     Owl ornaments

183     Vintage pipes and cut throat razors

184     Model elephants, a footed dish and stag bookends

185     Cast iron scales

186     A money plant

187     Vintage scales and boxed cutlery

188     New in packet drill bits

189     A box with a silver plated tray, two mirrors and a ceiling candelabra

190     An ivory canister decorated in relief with roses height 3.75" together with a bone page turner

191     A silver hallmarked cruet

192     A 19th century Staffordshire figure of a cricketer, height 10" together with a 19th century Staffordshire spill vase with cricketing interest

193     Two carved wooden eagles

194     An early 20th century balloon alarm clock and one other clock

195     Two vintage glass sweet jars

196     Five Genevieve Lethu coffee cups and saucers

197     Boxed Schuco Krome Circus coaches

198     Bus tickets and photographs of buses and trains

199     A vintage boxed Matchbox refuse truck

200     A vintage Corgi Major Dolphinarium

201     Ephemera relating to Cunard and other shipping

202     A boxed Hornby LNER Class A4 loco "Seagull"

203     Retro and other clocks

204     Bear ornaments

205     Two vintage leather suitcases and other bags

206     Needlework items

207     Needlework items

208     A box including carriage clocks

209     2000 AD comics

210     A boxing programme for Mohammed Ali v Richard Dunn, Monday 24th May 1976

211     Vintage boxing News magazines

212     Subbuteo

213     A glass art dish, diameter 9.5"

214     A Geschutzt bronze art nouveau inkwell

215     A marble mantel clock, height 13"

216     Coins, banknotes and assorted

217     Bottle openers and pipes

218     A cast iron Michelin man money box

219     Coins including a Queen Mother £5 coin

220     A brass bound coin collector's box

221     Hornby locomotives

222     Subbuteo

223     A vintage J.H. Lynch colour print "Tina"

224     The Ladies of Rylstone, also known as "The Calendar Girls", a June 2000-December 2001 calendar

225     A cast iron Triumph wall plaque

226     A cast iron Betty Boop door stop, height 14"

227     A selection of framed pictures

228     A selection of framed pictures including signed prints

229     A lamp in the form of an owl

230     Framed bank notes and coins

231     Framed cigarette cards

232     A framed print "Ophelia" by John William Waterhouse

233     A pair of standard lamps

234     A bean bag in the form of a horse and exercise equipment

235     Three wicker baskets

236     Clothing

237     A microwave

238     A box of glass and china including a retro decanter

239     A pair of garden speakers, a clothes horse and a heated hostess tray

240     Ephemera including Masonic

241     Lawn bowls

242     Collector's plates

243     A Portland 2000 archery bow in a case with accessories

244     A Greenhorn archery bow in a case with accessories together with an archery case containing accessories

245     Milton Drinkwater (1862-1923): A bucolic scene, watercolour, 11.25" x17"

246     Milton Drinkwater (1862-1923): Cattle watering, watercolour, 11.25"x17"

247     Milton Drinkwater (1862-1923): Cattle coming home, watercolour, 11.25"x17"

248     A video camera, DVD player, microphone and assorted

249     Five Decca 78 record master pressings together with books

250     A Cannon FT camera, telephoto lens, projectors and other camera accessories

251     Vintage tools

252     Slides and slide projector

253     Three galvanised tubs

254     A box of tools

255     A tool box and tools

256     A Parkside cordless drill

257     Two oxyacetylene valves

258     A laser level

259     A tool box and contents

260     A tool box and contents

261     A box including tins

262     Two boxes of assorted including a vintage bottle

263     A box including a TV and a retro mirror

264     A sewing machine

265     A Doughnut rucksack and a leather messenger bag

266     Practical wireless magazines and horse books

267     A box of glass and china including a Royal Doulton character jug

268     A box of books including: Earl R. Forrest, "Arizona's Dark and Bloody Ground", first edition 1953 and "The Savoy edition of Shakespeare's comedies, histories and tragedies", 1896, rebound in leather

269     A box of tools and assorted

270     Milling bits, drill bits, allen keys

271     Four boxes of DVDs

272     Two boxes of books and Charles Dickens's magazines

273     Two boxes of assorted

274     Children's educational books and games

275     A projector together with a projector screen

276     Six hand painted ceramic tiles

277     A Goodman's flat screen TV

278     A coin collector's box

279     Three boxes of new half pint barrel glasses

280     An Islamic dish decorated with white metal, a copper chocolate pot, a copper spirit kettle and a copper utensil

281     LPs

282     Folders containing art work by Anne Clarke

283     Miller's guides

284     An antique cast iron fire surround, width 42.75", height 42.5"

285     A box of kitchen ware

286     A box of kitchen ware

287     A box including lustre ware and assorted

288     A box including a bankers' lamp

289     A box including a retro planter

290     A box of kitchen ware

291     A box of vintage 0 gauge model railway track

292     A box including a watering can

293     A box including a brass model of an owl

294     A box including a retro radio and alarm clocks

295     Stamps

296     A box including souvenir dolls

297     Stamps

298     A Royal Doulton vase, Coalport ginger jar, Royal Worcester hand painted plate and other ceramics

299     China and glass

300     The National Edition of The Works of Robert Burns edited by William Wallace in 2 volumes, 1899

301     Boxed Britain's Canadian Mounted Police figures

302     A retro Seltnann Weiden 'Monika' pattern coffee service

303     Hornsey Pottery and other ceramics

304     A box including a barometer

305     A retro teasmade and a retro lamp

306     100 new in packet face masks

307     100 new in packet face masks

308     100 new in packet face masks

309     100 new in packet face masks

310     A box including a digital radio

311     Three boxes including Disney infinity Star Wars figures

312     Three table lamps and an artificial flower arrangement

313     A remote controlled helicopter

314     A box including Denby ceramics other china and a chair

315     A Stokke Tripp Trapp adjustable child's chair

316     A circular rug

317     4 plus 2 Regency style dining chairs

318     Two sheep skin rugs

319     A garden table, tins and assorted and two sewing machine drawers

320     A Lloyd loom style blanket box

321     A kitchen bin

322     A mirror, framed pictures and knitting patterns

323     A retro style Chevy picture

324     A grandmother clock

325     An early 20th century hall mirror

326     A Victorian balloon back chair

327     A Shark vacuum cleaner

328     A Dyson vacuum cleaner

329     Badges

330     A vintage bevelled oval mirror

331     A gilt framed mirror and one other

332     A selection of framed pictures

333     A motorised bath chair

334     A gilt framed mirror

335     Eleven boxes of glass ware

336     Five boxes of glass ware

337     A box of assorted and a box of road maps

338     A framed map of the Halifax area

339     A vintage child's chair, a chair and a waste paper bin

340     A What Not

341     A circular coffee table

342     A set of shelves in the form of a boat

343     Two oriental style carpets and a needlework throw

344     A nest of three tables

345     A retro sewing box and contents

346     A needlework footstool

347     An upholstered footstool

348     A luggage stand

349     A card table

350     A violin in a case

351     A retro Nathan extending dining table, diameter 39"

352     A remote control aeroplane body, wing span 49.5"

353     A box of glass and ceramics including Masons Ironstone plates

354     A butcher's block, width 24.75"

355     Four chairs

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