Friday 7th August at 10.00am


Thursday 6th August 9.00am until 6.00pm
Morning of the sale 8.00am until 9.55am

406 Lots

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Forthcoming sale Friday 21st August
We will be accepting goods for this sale on Friday 7th August 1.00pm-5.00pm, Monday 10th, Tuesday 11th August 9am-2pm and Friday 14th August 10am-12pm.
(If calling Friday 14th please call to check space availability)

NB: All electricals in the auction are sold as scrap and as seen with no guarantee unless stated.

Parking – please park in the main car park and only outside the auction when collecting.

1        Paperweights and ornaments

2        An antique oak writing slope converted to a coal bucket

3        Two die cast model fighter planes

4        Hornsey pottery "Bronte" pattern tea and dinner ware including tea pot

5        A 1:14 scale die cast model of a Porsche 911 cabriolet

6        A tray of collectables

7        A selection of gent's watches

8        A new in box jewellery box

9        A limited edition of the Star Wars films on VHS

10       A box of mobile phones and flatware

11       A selection of vintage Elvis monthly magazines

12       An album containing photographs of buses and coaches

13       Alesbury tea ware and other ceramics

14       Plated ware and assorted

15       A Ringtons lidded jar, other Ringtons ceramics, a Spode railway mug and other pottery

16       Three stoneware flagons and two other items of stoneware

17       A box including Masonic tankards

18       A box including a model of an owl

19       A box of toys

20       A box including a pair of retro candle sticks

21       A box including a brass scale pan

22       A box of kitchenware and a boom box

23       A box of new in packet wellington boots, size 6

24       A box of electricals including a retro sun lamp

25       A box including radios and 8 track tapes

26       A box of vintage tins

27       A box of glassware

28       A box of vintage bottles

29       A box including a Spode jug

30       Brass candlesticks and assorted

31       A box including a kitchen canister

32       Flatware

33       New in box desk set

34       A pair of Miu Miu trainers, size 10

35       A selection of sewing items

36       Five novelty Looney Tunes character mugs

37       A Royal Worcester gold lustre tea and coffee service 

38       Aynsley tea ware

39       Costume jewellery and assorted

40       Subbuteo items

41       A selection of model ships

42       Wrist watches and costume jewellery

43       Johnson Brothers tea ware and Meakin "Princess" pattern tea ware

44       A selection of Elvis LPs

45       A vintage set of Avery shop scales

46       A mahogany finish four heights bookcase with drawer under, width 28"

47       A Fidelity Playmatic reel to reel tape player

48       Johnson Brothers dinnerware including tureens and Queen's china tea ware

49       A box including a witches' ball

50       A box including a vintage soda siphon

51       A box including a Beswick novelty butter dish

52       A box including a Wedgewood vase

53       A box including a Limoges brooch

54       A box of glassware and ceramics together with nine Bradford Exchange collector's plates

55       Singles and CDs

56       A box of treen

57       A box including a Royal Doulton Fairfield gravy boat

58       Games console items

59       A box of assorted including Fawlty Towers videos

60       A box of kitchenware

61       A retro book stand, width 15.5"

62       A glass jewellery box and costume jewellery

63       Wrist watches

64       An ammunition box

65       A silver plated entree dish

66       Toy vehicles

67       A watch box and watches

68       A selection of brassware

69       A tray of collectables including a vintage pocket knife by Slater of Sheffield

70       Six silver plated tankards with Halifax interest

71       A selection of toy cars

72       Ricard branded glass and ceramics

73       Eight pieces of Wedgewood Jasperware

74       A watch box and watches including two Citizen automatic watches

75       A selection of costume jewellery

76       A chess set, dominoes and tea cards

77       A Smeg kettle and flatware

78       A box of planters

79       DVDs and CDs

80       A box including an eggshell porcelain tea service

81       A box of Star Wars items

82       A box of assorted including a retro vase

83       A box of books including a "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix" first edition

84       A box of new ladies footwear

85       A selection of gent's shoes including Loake and Grenson, size 7

86       A box of glass, china and metal ware including a Johnson Brothers Indian Tree pattern teapot

87       A box of assorted including an enamel jug

88       Two boxes of handbags

89       Star Wars and Liverpool FC Sky box remote controls and a box of DVDs

90       A vintage Double Bubble one arm bandit sweet dispenser

91       Books relating to World War II German army tanks and other Third Reich books

92       A selection of toys and toy animals

93       Two silver plated baskets and a pewter tankard

94       A vintage canteen of cutlery box containing flatware

95       Costume jewellery

96       Two vintage table lamps

97       A small guitar amplifier

98       A four piece silver plated tea set

99       A selection of badges and coins

100     Costume jewellery and assorted

101     Three HO gauge model railway locomotives

102     HO gauge track and rolling stock

103     HO gauge model railway parts, accessories and a part built engine

104     Costume jewellery

105     Flags, vintage tins and assorted

106     A selection of LPs

107     Vintage bottles and assorted

108     Slide magazines and books

109     Metal ware and assorted

110     A box including Indian Tree pattern ware

111     Two boxes of annuals

112     A box of brassware

113     Churchill blue and white ware including tea pot

114     A new in packet plane and assorted

115     Ladies' footwear including a pair of Shelly's of London

116     A pair of new in packet Samuel Windsor suede brogues, size 6

117     A selection of scarves

118     A selection of ephemera and books including Royal commemorative

119     Lord of the Rings toys

120     A selection of music DVDs

121     A box of assorted including a fishing reel

122     A selection of new in packet Disney High School Musical wrist watches

123     A selection of LPs

124     A vintage barometer and brush set together with a framed religious print

125     Wrist watches and fashion rings

126     A box of metal ware including silver topped dressing table jars

127     A box of vintage books

128     A box of assorted including a large cognac bottle

129     A box of vintage books

130     A box of books

131     Two boxes of LPs

132     A box including flatware

133     A box of ceramics including a Sylvac beetroot jar

134     A box of glassware

135     A box of ceramics including Meakin coffee pot

136     Five Action Man and GI Joe figures

137     Fosters Studio pottery and Wade Gluggle jugs together with a Kernewek model of a seal

138     New in packet sun glasses and crested ware

139     A selection of pig ornaments

140     A selection of wrist watches

141     A selection of auction catalogues

142     A vintage biscuit barrel

143     A box of ceramics including Aynsley ornaments

144     A box including Midwinter, "Spanish Garden" tea and dinner ware including coffee pot

145     Vintage tins and metal ware

146     A vintage soda siphon and glassware

147     Men's shoes

148     A box of treen and assorted

149     A pine magazine rack, revolving bookcase, pine stool and a folding table

150     A box of crochet items

151     Two boxes of sewing items

152     A box including a Victorian Mason's sugar basin

153     A child's pine chair together with a needlework stool

154     A trolley converting to a table

155     A pine butler's buddy and a stool

156     An electric model boat, one other model boat and toy cars

157     A silver 1937 crown, a silver propelling pencil, pens including a vintage Swan with gold nib

158     Two bead necklaces

159     A cased set of six silver hallmarked coffee spoons

160     A pair of 9ct gold cufflinks

161     A silver hallmarked cigarette box

162     Two cased silver hallmarked toast racks

163     An early 20th century oak magazine rack with cupboard under

164     Two boxes of handbags

165     A box of handbags

166     Four boxes of assorted china, glassware and tools

167     Three heaters

168     A selection of framed pictures

169     A vintage set of wooden step ladders

170     An Imari palette "Lancashire Rose" tankard, height 3.75"

171     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the form of a tawny owl, height 3.75"

172     An Imari palette "Lancashire Rose" ginger jar, height 4"

173     A Royal Crown Derby paperweight in the form of a tortoise, length 5"

174     A Royal Crown Derby Imari palette lidded jar, height 4"

175     Royal Crown Derby pattern "The Yorkshire Rose Plate", diameter 8.5" together with a Royal Worcester Imari pin dish

176     A Royal Doulton figure "Sheila", two other figures

177     Brass plaques relating to steam engine rallies

178     Four paperweights including two Caithness

179     A vintage Britains model of the Coronation coach

180     Two Dresden china trinket boxes and a Limoges pin tray

181     A Poole pottery plate, diameter 8"

182     Four vintage Seiko automatic wrist watches

183     A Klaus Kobec wrist watch and a Bench wrist watch

184     A vintage wooden door bell

185     Two pieces of Lladro

186     Costume jewellery paperweights and assorted

187     Coins including silver 3d, table lighter in the form of a pistol, pocket knives and assorted

188     Two silver hallmarked napkin rings, plated ware

189     Postcards, coins, tea cards and assorted

190     A selection of costume jewellery

191     A £5 coin, a £2 coin and other coins

192     LPs and singles

193     A sword

194     A Game Boy, three Nintendo DS and other games

195     Two vintage shop advertising cards

196     1960s San Francisco area music gig advertising posters including The Grateful Dead and The Doors

197     A yard of ale glass and two folding chairs

198     Two boxes of leather bound books

199     A retro infra-red heat lamp

200     Two framed prints

201     Three graduating oval panels each hand painted with hunting scenes, the largest width 32"

202     Two boxes of pictures

203     A wooden chest

204     A selection of framed pictures

205     A wicker basket

206     A 19th century mahogany commode

207     A fire screen with needlework insert converting to a table

208     Two faux fur coats

209     A vintage travelling trunk

210     A Victorian brass oil standard lamp converted to electricity together with an occasional table

211     A box of games

212     A box including two Ringtons lidded jars

213     A dog cage

214     A box including a mincer

215     A box including electricals

216     A Panasonic flat screen TV

217     Four Morris Minor hub caps

218     Three table covers

219     Pepper Pig and other toys

219A  Derek G.M. Gardener V.R.D., R.S.M.A. (1914-2007): signed limited edition print "Orion", 15"x20"

220     A retro print together with other framed pictures

221     A Luxor flat screen TV

222     A selection of LPs

223     Four pairs of Ladies' footwear

224     Two oil paintings

225     A tool chest and tools

226     A tool chest

227     An Olivetti Dora typewriter

228     A CCTV system

229     A box including bath taps

230     A tool chest and tools

231     A metal tool box and contents

232     Three boxes of photography and projection equipment including a Canon EOS 50E camera

233     A Bosch cordless drill

234     A Victorian yard measure

235     A box including a heater

236     Two boxes of tools and hardware

237     A Scotts of Oldham enamel gas grill and hob

238     A Burnette sewing machine

239     A box including a Practica TL3 camera

240     A box of tools including a vintage Avometer

241     A vintage Millennium trolley jack

242     A cased laser level

243     A trolley jack

244     A basket of tools

245     A collection of egg cups

246     Two boxes of electricals and tools

247     New in packet socks, bags

248     New in packet socks and clothing

249     Door furniture and locks

250     A Hoover vacuum cleaner

251     A workmate, folding chairs

252     A box of new in packet clothing

253     A cordless drill

254     A football table

255     A pair of antique leaded and stained windows

256     Three garden ornaments in the form of rabbits and a hedgehog

257     A selection of garden ornaments

258     A garden ornament in the form of a gnome pulling a trailer, height 20"

259     Garden ornament in the form of two gnomes, height 19"

260     Garden ornament in the form of a badger, height 19"

261     Four garden ornaments in the form of owls

262     Two garden ornaments in the form of a windmill and a gnome

263     A garden ornament in the form of a pig and piglets, height 15"

264     Garden ornament in the form of a Westie in a rucksack, height 15.5"

265     A pair of garden ornaments in the form of griffins, height 12"

266     Three boxes of garden ornaments

267     A new in box kitchen sink

268     A tub of garden tools

269     Walking sticks etc.

270     A Lec refrigerator

271     A Hoover tumble dryer

272     A pine kitchen unit in the form of a butcher's block with cupboard under, width 28"

273     Two boxes of cut and other glassware

274     A box including sheet music

275     A box including royal commemorative ware

276     A box of ceramics including a retro Woods wall pocket

277     A box including Royal Tuscan retro tea ware

278     A box including a Meakin tureen and ladle

279     A box including a retro TV radio alarm clock

280     A box including an Imari palette plate

281     A box including Washington pottery and tableware

282     A box including Eternal Bow ceramics

283     A box of glassware and assorted

284     A box of metal ware including a cased fish server with silver collars

285     A box of glass and ceramics including jugs

286     A whip

287     A Vibrapower Disc 2 exercise machine and other exercise equipment

288     A Silver-reed 500 typewriter

289     A Sharp boom box

290     A pedestal, height 28.25"

291     A vintage barrel, height 18.5"

292     500 new in packet face masks

293     400 new in packet face masks

294     Three boxes of new in packet toy cars

295     A folding travelling jewellery show case

296     Two vintage bread bins

297     A large glass vase, height 31.5"

298     A retro table lamp and one other lamp, electric typewriter and a Sony boom box

299     Two lidded Ringtons jars, other Ringtons ceramics

300     A selection of wrist watches

301     Midwinter Stylecraft plates, Meakin Studio ceramics, Shelley plates and a Crown Devon sauce boat

302     A leather bag and assorted

303     A box including a stoneware jar

304     A selection of ladies scarves

305     A shreder and a printer

206     A filing cabinet

207     A box including weighing scales

308     A box including cameras

309     A box of books

310     A room humidifier

311     New in packet ice scrapers

312     A box of toys

313     A pine blanket box, width 33.25"

314     A  mid 20th century retro bookcase by Gibbs, width 36"

315     A vintage artist's easel

316     Three boxes of assorted

317     Two boxes of electricals

318     A box of books

319     Victorian and later blue and white ceramics including tureens

320     Ceramics and metal ware

321     A selection of Hornsey pottery "Bronte" tea and dinner ware

322     A box of assorted including a silver spoon

323     A box including a retro party wine glass marker

324     A box including glass door handles

325     Four mirrors

326     A box of 15 new in packet Disney Infinity Star Wars characters

327     A box of new blue and red note books

328     A selection of LPs

329     A box of new A4 note books

330     A box of ceramics including a stoneware hot water bottle

331     A large aluminium fruit bowl, a vintage magazine rack, lamp shades

332     Wrist watches and pocket watches

333     A selection of LPs

334     Two boxes of glass and ceramics

335     A box of metal ware including a retro Sona coffee perculator

336     A box including an alarm clock

337     A box of LPs

338     Gardening items

339     A box of crochet items and a box of assorted

340     A 1950s RAF uniform

341     A box including an Edwardian Limoges biscuit barrel and commemorative ware

342     A retro Meakin Studio coffee service including coffee pot

343     A retro Myott Montego coffee service including coffee pot

344     A box of ceramics including meat plates

345     A box of Ringtons ceramics and tins

346     A box of Ringtons ceramics including tea pot

347     A Harley Davison shirt, size medium

348     A box of assorted including binoculars

349     A selection of new in packet ladies' shoes

350     A tub of gardening items

351     A box of ornaments

352     A box of collector's and other plates

353     Two boxes of assorted including a calligraphy set

354     A box of LPs and singles

355     Two boxes including men's shoes

356     Two boxes of handbags

357     Four sets of step ladders

358     Three mirrors and a picture

359     A retro nest of three tables

360     A suitcase containing a pair of antique brass door handles other brass ware and a bagatelle

361     A retro bookcase, width 36"

362     An Edwardian mahogany pot cupboard

363     1920/30s mirror

364     1920/30s mahogany bureau, width 31"

365     Unbrellas, walking sticks, golf clubs and assorted

366     A Light-n-Easy vacuum cleaner and an Electrolux small vacuum cleaner

367     An antique mahongany ten heights music cabinet on bun feet, height 46.5"

368     A 1930s mahogany eight heights music cabinet, height 37"

369     Two vintage wall mirrors

370     A mid 20th century bookshelf, width 34"

371     A mid 20th century dining table

372     A box of pictures and assorted

373     A vintage wall mirror

374     A Gtech vacuum cleaner and other floor cleaners

375     A box of books

376     Two boxes of handbags

377     A box of ephemera

378     A box of books and ephemera

379     A box of local and other books

380     Two pieces of exercise equipment

381     A child's balloon back chair and an occasional table

382     Two toddler pens

383     Two vintage leather jackets

384     A mid 20th century retro sewing box

385     A 1970/80s coffee table

386     An antique wine table together with a cane work plant stand

387     A foot stool

388     A mid 20th century Ercol small drop leaf table, width 42"

389     A mid 20th century occasional table together with a mid 20th century magazine rack

390     A vintage coffee table with tiled top

391     A mid 20th century folding table together with an upholsterd foot stool

392     A pair of Victorian balloon back chairs

393     A sewing work stool and contents

394     A mahogany side table

395     Two mid 20th century coffee tables

396     A retro gold coloured coffee table

397     A retro mid 20th century two heights what-not

398     A 1930s nest of three tables

399     An upholstered chair in the style of Louis XIV

400     An antique extending dining table

401     A box of ornaments some in the style of Lladro

402     A box of ornaments including Wedgewood Jasper ware

403     A box of glass ornaments and vases

404     A box of ornaments and meat plates

405     Two boxes of handbags

406     A table with drawer under, width 39.5"

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