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General Sale
Friday 15th November at 10.00am


Thursday 14th November 8.00am until 7.00pm
Morning of sale 8.00am until 9.55am

276 Lots

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Forthcoming sale Friday 29th November
We will be accepting good for this sale on Friday 15th November 1.00pm until 5.00pm, Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th November 9am-2pm and Friday 22nd November 10am-2pm.

NB: All electricals in the auction are sold as scrap and as seen with no guarantee unless stated.

Parking – please park in the main car park and only outside the auction when collecting.

1. Box of collectors thimbles

2. Akura portable record player

3. Silver plated candelabra

4. Collection of vintage Meccano magazines

5."Rude Cocktails" book , retro telephone and assorted items

6. French 19th century bayonet

7. Box of assorted

8. New in box pair of welding boots, size 10

9. Three items of cut glass

10. Vintage cigarette dispenser

11. Pair of antique piano candle holders

12. Items relating to the Royal Navy during World War II

13.1980s bus stop sign

14. Pair of cut glass vases

15. Selection of badges

16. Box of new in packet brooches

17. Selection of vintage postcards

18. Selection of costume jewellery

19. Copper fire front

20. Box including Foley Domino ware and Royal Grafton ware

21. Collection of wrist watches

22. Selection of vintage postcards

23. Box of soft goods and sewing items

24. Selection of toy vehicles

25. Box including tea cards, playing cards and Cub Scout badges

26. Selection of China and other ornaments

27. Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee maker

28. Box including sat navs, mobile phones and other small electronics

29. Vintage Lego in a wooden box and a tub of Lego

30. Selection of Christmas stickers and assorted items

31. Vintage Sindy doll's furniture, soft toys and a fuzzy felt

32. Two boxes of Lego

33. Boxed UGG bag and scarves

34. Selection of tow vehicles

35. Metal ammunition crate

36. Costume jewellery

37. Satsuma style vase

38. Four model military vehicles

39. Box of assorted including electronics

40. Two video recorders

41. Portable record player

42. Selection of LPs

43. Two boxes of assorted including phone cases

44. Box of table lamps

45. Box of soft goods and a doll

46. Two boxes of assorted including electricals

47. Box of assorted including a vintage Madness tour banner

48. Box of assorted

49. Two boxes including kitchenware

50. Box of assorted

51. Two boxes of assorted including electricals

52. Four heights bookcase

53. Selection of stoneware cooking pots

54. Box of paintings

55. Four items of Portuguese pottery

56. Box of electricals and 8 track tapes

57. Two boxes of ceramics

58. Box of assorted including tablet cases

59. Box of green glassware

60.2 boxes including marble chopping boards and kitchenware

61. Box of soft goods

62. Box of assorted including a clock

63. Box of kitchenware including Picot ware

64. Pair of Kaiser vases, vintage ceramic cookie jar and a Pendelfin shop

65. Box of blue and white tableware

66. Box of soft toys

67. Box including toy vehicles

68. Box of collectibles

69. Nativity diorama with figures

70. Rack of collector's plates

71. Box of linens

72. Box of costume jewellery

73. Box of books including first editions

74. Two boxes of books mainly literature including first editions

75. Two boxes of books mainly literature including first editions

76. Two boxes of books mainly literature including first editions

77. Two boxes of books mainly literature including first editions

78. Two boxes of books mainly literature including first editions

79. Two boxes of books including non-fiction and books relating to Yorkshire

80. Two boxes of books including P. G. Wodehouse

81. Box of books including first editions

82. Selection of Winnie the Pooh soft toys

83. Box including costume jewellery

84. Box including brass and pewter ware

85. Box including wrist watches and costume jewellery

86. Salter coin checker scale

87. Ceramic figure of a dog, a resin hippopotamus and a ceramic jug and bowl

88. Box of wrist watches

89. Three framed prints

90. Two boxes of frames and framed pictures

91. Ceiling light and assorted items

92. Two boxes of assorted including kitchenware

93. To slide projectors

94. Box of handbags

95. Box of Christmas decorations

96. Box including stoneware jars

97. Box including kitchenware

98. Box of assorted including antique celery vase

99. Box of assorted including decanters

100. Two boxes including kitchenware

101. Box including security cameras

102. Box of glassware and ceramics

103. Box of assorted including lamps

104. Box of toys

105. Box of vintage ladies hats and accessories

106. Box of assorted including Copper Bed warmer

107. Two boxes of tins

108. Two boxes of Christmas decorations

109. Box of handbags

110. Box of soft goods

111. A leather briefcase, games

112. Selection of Moorcroft collector's club magazines

113. Portmeirion egg holder, cloisonne lidded jar and assorted

114. Antique and other glassware

115. Selection of Hornsea Pottery ware

116. Royal Stafford tea ware and other ceramics

117. Selection of Royal Doulton tableware

118. Three Dunoon stoneware jars and cased cutlery

119. Box of Lego

120. Five boxed wristwatches

121. Box of Lego

122. Five pieces of Poole pottery

123. Box including tea cards, football collector's cards and annuals

124. Box of perfumes and assorted items

125. Selection of doll's house accessories

126. Royal Doulton salt and pepper pots

127. Vintage box Suzuki Omnichord

128. Two boxes of assorted

129. Box of Fly Past magazines

130. Box including a Hitachi mini hi-fi

131. Two boxes including kitchenware

132. Two boxes of glass and ceramics

133. Box including costume jewellery

134. Box including car stereo

135. Box of assorted

136. Box of assorted including gardening items

137. Box of assorted

138. Box of assorted

139. Box including kitchenware

140. New in box party drink fountain

141. Fishing rods, tackle box with tackle

142. Land Rover Discovery front grill

143. Cameo brooch in a 9 carat gold setting with matching earrings

144. Pocket watch and silver pendant

145. Beswick Thelwell pony "Kick-Start"

146. Oriental hand painted vase

147. An unfinished Masons ironstone jug

148. Cranberry glass vase

149. Czechoslovakian Chribska glass vase Prof. Josef Hospodka

150. Country artists model of a cat "Dandy" Felis Smugus

151. Caithness paperweight "Helter Skelter", Strathearn lace paperweight and one other paperweight

152. Three Strathearn millefiori paperweights, with signature inclusions

153. Caithness paperweight "Millefiori Reflections" with box

154. Limited edition Caithness paperweight "Jubilee Floating Crown" with box and certificate

155. Limited edition Caithness paperweight "Humber Bridge" with box and certificate

156. Vintage boxed Hornby Dublo "Silver King" locomotive

157. Three American Flyer tinplate train carriages

158. Silver top jars and bottles and assorted items

159. Vintage shotgun cartridge making tool

160. Selection of 2000 AD comics

161. Selection of GWR accident reports

162. Selection of music photographs and concert tickets

163. Royal Doulton fruit bowl and a selection of collectibles

164. Antique writing slope

165. Minolta 7000 and 7000i cameras with lenses and three other cameras

166. Four Royal Doulton figures, two Coalport figures and a Royal Worcester figure

167. Three ceramic chicken ornaments, a Coalport figure and a Beatrix Potter snow globe

168. An African drum Signed by members of 270 Squadron,1943-45

169. Selection of Deutsche Reich stamps and two sheets of 1d stamps

170. Watercolour painting "Wharfedale" by A. R. Catherall, 1974

171. Pair of framed landscape paintings

172. Three pictures

173. Signed limited edition print "The Seagram Grand National 1985"

174. Framed print of a steam train

175. Computer system

176. Pair of bongos

177. Ministry of Sound MOSCM01 DJ mixer and one other mixer

178. Two boxes including kitchenware

179. Vintage wooden toilet cistern

180. Two boxes of photo albums

181. Four panels of cloth to with needlework religious iconography

182. Three framed fabric pictures and a boot organiser

183. Three framed pictures

184. Pair of framed Chinese watercolours and a pair of prints

185. Framed watercolour painting of a wharf

186. Signed limited edition print "Royal Air Force, The Power And The Glory" by Melvyn Buckley

187. Four glass light shades and a box of assorted

188. Reproduction flintlock rifle

189. Box of door furniture

190. Foot pump, jigsaw and a power drill

191. Camera and camera accessories

192. Two bed warmers and a copper horn

193. Two boxes of assorted, food warmer, three bowl steamer

194. CDs DVDs, LPs

195. Two boxes of assorted

196. Three boxes of CDs and DVDs

197. Lexmark printer, DVD board game and combined video and DVD player

198. Box of electrical extensions

199. Two vintage projectors

200. Black and Decker router and a sand blasting gun

201. Two boxes of ceramics and assorted and an oriental style plant stand

202. Box of soft toys and a backpack

203. Box of electrical goods and cabling

204. Sewing machine

205. Selection of light switches

206. Two boxes of DVDs

207. Two tool boxes with contents

208. Beatles band console game and assorted

209. Vintage hand powered Singer sewing machine

210. Two boxes of DVDs

211. Three boxes including glassware, ceramics and assorted

212. Two multifunction printers

213. Two boxes including a pair of Technics speakers and assorted items

214. Two boxes of children's toys and games

215. Box including a toolbox, lamp and car battery charger

216. Heavy-duty chain

217. Box of plumbing piping and a length of guttering

218. Box of various power tools

219. Six manhole covers and seven smaller covers

220. Box of angle grinder discs and assorted

221. Box of paints and varnishes

222. Record metalworking vice

223. Pair of wooden steps

224. Antique pub door with stained glass

225. Vintage rocking horse

226. 16 boxes of artificial lilac blossom

227. Petrol can, selection of motor oils and assorted

228. Rocking chair

229. Folding card table

230. Ten vintage golf clubs

231. Corner desk

232. Vax vacuum cleaner and carpet washer

233. Twin pedestal dining table

234. Large vintage wooden clothes horse

235. Wooden chest

236. Pine kitchen storage unit and various planters

237. Antique pine chest with drawer

238. Three heights chest of drawers

239. Electric heater in the form of the stove and one other heater

240. Sack cart/trolley

241. Vintage Ronaeo Vickers industrial metal desk

242. Pair of Italian chairs

243. Pair of vintage wooden skeleton step ladders

244. Ceramic planter with a hand-painted scene depicting bulls and a matching lidded urn

245. Ceramic table lamp with a mottled finish

246. Fortnum and Mason wicker hamper and a wicker basket

247. Oil on canvas painting "At the bar" signed Uri Tremler

248. Retro sideboard

249. Plant

250. Five height set of drawers

251. Aluminium set of steps

252. Upright Vax vacuum cleaner

253. Selection of vintage and other clothing

254. Marks and Spencer's wool suit

255. Teacher's gown

256. A print on canvas of Matt Busby's Manchester United squad

257. Shredder

258. Vintage oak hall mirror with drawer

259. Ceramic cooking pots and assorted items

260. Four vintage wooden crates

261. Needlework items

262. Encore acoustic guitar with soft case and music books

263. Two boxes including tea ware and assorted

264. Set of six glasses each engraved with game birds and other glassware

265. Antique blue and white ware and other ceramics

266. Pewter ware and ceramics

267. Doulton & Slaters vase and assorted glass and ceramics

268. Tea ware

269. Box of assorted and a print

270. Leather office chair

271. Four boxes of assorted

272. Three boxes of assorted

273. Box of metal ware

274. Box of toys

275. Box of toys

276. Micro Scalextric, Mega Bloks Halo and Scrabble

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