Pendragon Porta Bar

Vintage Pendragon Porta-Bar

We’ve got a busy sale again for you this week with lots of interesting items.

Vintage Pendragon Porta-Bar

One of our favourites is this portable drinks bar.

Vintage Pendragon Porta-Bar

There’s a lovely fitted case with all manner of compartments for soda syphon, ice bucket, mixing glasses and bottles.

Vintage Pendragon Porta-Bar

There’s even a supply of interchangeable lids depending on your preferred tipple.

Vintage Pendragon Porta-Bar

Everything you need to rustle up a few al fresco cocktails!

Vintage Pendragon Porta-Bar

It’s called the Porta-Bar and was made in England by a company called Pendragon.

Vintage Pendragon Porta-Bar

The leather is a fabulous chestnut colour, warm and rich. It has secure metal clasps and identification tag to personalise.

Fudge posing with a vintage Pendragon Porta-Bar

It’s absolutely perfect for a country picnic, day at the races or a music festival – a bit more Glyndebourne than Glastonbury. You’ll certainly get some jealous glances as you prepare your perfect dry martini! The sale starts at 10am on Friday 3rd July – viewing all day Thursday and on the morning of the sale from 9am.

Rural bygones

Antique wooden cartwheel

We’ve got a great auction in store this week with well over 600 lots.

Old Yorkshire Egg Producers Ltd wooden egg box

The sale has got a distinct rural & rustic feel as in includes lots of items that have been cleared from a 17th century farmhouse in Luddendenfoot. Items spanning its history –¬†all manner of things that have lain untouched for decades!

Assorted box containing a vintage enamel Manus Milking Machine enamel sign

There are boxes of domestic bygones such as packaging and tins…

Assorted wicker basket containing a pair of antique clogs

…vintage luggage, baskets & boxes, wire racking, old clogs and haberdashery.

vintage food and animal medicine tins with leather suitcase and pair of antique pine sock stretchers

There are some interesting advertising items with some nice old signs and printed labels – these saws are great!

Antique wooden Massey-Harris Tractors advertising sign

Kitchenalia, brochures and recipe books too – there’s bound to be some good old fashion cakes in these for keen bakers out there.

Collection of old recipe books

The auction starts at 10am on Friday 19th June – viewing all day Thursday and on the morning of the sale. To see the full catalogue and further photos just click here. Plenty more items from this property to follow in the next sale too, so keep checking our Facebook page for new finds!

Leather luggage

vintage leather luggage

We have lots of interesting lots in this Friday’s sale including some nice pieces of leather luggage in various shapes, sizes and colours.

vintage hat box with top hat

This includes trunks, cases and hat boxes. They look wonderful in small groups and can be used for storing clothes, craft materials or important paperwork & documents.

vintage leather suitcase bedside tablecredit

The larger items can work as stand alone pieces, making perfect blanket boxes, coffee tables or bedside tables.

vintage luggage labels

Old labels add extra interest and conjure up images of exotic travel on the great ocean liners.