Details of our next auction

Next SALE is FRIDAY 1st December 10.00am start with VIEWING on Thursday 30th November 08.00 until 7.00pm As per the dates below we are running a WEEKLY sale from now until Friday 15th December. We will be accepting items for each sale on Fridays 2.00pm until 5.00pm and Monday 09.00 until 3.00pm (last Friday 8th December unless for Antique sale) Small Items for our Antiques and Collectables sale (Friday 29th December) can be submitted as from now

Our auction is every fortnight. Fridays, 10am start. FUTURE AUCTIONS: 1st December | 8th December | 15th December | 29th December | 12th January | 26th January
Thursday, 9am -7pm & 8.30-9.30am on the day of sale or by prior arrangement
Open Non Sale Weeks - Monday and Tuesday, 9am-2pm (no appointment necessary) other days please telephone.Sale week - open Thursday for viewing and Friday for the sale.

Fantastic auction house and great people who support Overgate Hospice with their expertise and donations. I highly recommend KLM

Catriona Gledhill

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